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Nexcommunity created its division of VR in 2014, being an early adopter of this new an exciting media. Their presence in the landscape of virtual reality in Spain is based on three pillars: constant research and development of new VR solutions, development of reactive apps and image capture in high quality. With the birth of a new technical-narrative ecosystem, our challenge is to harness this new media to convey emotions and experiences unmatched in the audiovisual world.

Photo 360-3D

High quality stereographic 360º photos. With an amazing resolution (more than 2 million pixels) makes this option perfect for real state and tourism products.

Video 360

The 360 video recording is a new concept that allows to record all the scene in 360º surround video that can be watched straight from the web browser or by using a VR device such Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear.

Image Stabilization

Post­production and post­processing optimization of the captured footage ensures you a smooth and sharp images and an optimized VR experience.


You can reach all customers in the world with our services, fully compatible with the three main platforms of VR nowadays: Samsung Gear VR, Play Store and Apple app store.


Tracking and integration of CGI FX in VR real image videos and interactive experiences for a fully customized VR enviroments. We also deliver amazing adaptive audio creations with head tracking technology.

CGI VR Graphics

Equirectangular and stereographic computer generated images for spectacular virtual reality experiences. High resolution and quality, from photo­realistic environments to sci­fi fantasy worlds.

VR Storytelling

Creative process developed for the new Virtual Reality narrative. We transform new and exciting experiences into stories to mesmerize your potential audience.

Native VR Production

Production service adapted to the new Media: Lighting, sound, shooting… The filming process has changed alongside with the new reality, we offer you our experience to guide you through this new workflow.

NoLineal Narrative

Script writing developed for the new Virtual Reality narrative. We offer you the chance of being the main character of your own experience. Making the experience itself new and challenging in each view.