Nexcommunity’s developer team has decades of experience providing high quality innovative solutions for AV interactive challenges. We aim to link creativity and technique rethinking spaces and shapes through light, image and sound to create new and innovative experiences.Museums, Brand events, installation art works… We have achieve big scores all over the world, from Brazil to Hong Kong.

Interactive Mapping

Our technology provides a full projection mapping solution for any interactive content. Break the boundaries of a screen and go beyond your imagination. Each object and wall can be fully interactive and touch reactive.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality blurs the line between what is real and what is computer generated and opens a world of possibilities for advertising, education, art and many other fields. Our solutions use state of the art technology to provide the best experience possible.

Video Wall

Our technical know-how allows us to create ultra high resolution multi-display interactive videowalls. Videowalls can be controlled by a tablet, touch screen, react to people’s proximity or with a single tweet. It’s effects can be mesmerizing.

Virtual Reality

Development of VR software products for events and advertising campaigns. Fully interactive video game like in-house made.

Interactive Displays

Using depth cameras or touch screens any display can become an interactive canvas. Real-time content, including live video and 3D graphics can be used by us to create a unique experience.


We deliver custom technical solutions for advanced light control and sound creation. With us, light and sound can be interactive.