Nexcommunity advanced Video Systems uses the latest technologies in video capture like Ultra slow motion cameras, bullet time capture system or spherical capturing devices to give our customers a high quality and spectacular service. It also offers sponsors the chance of achieve great results in events and crowd celebrations with a high impact in on-site users and remote thanks to the social media.The gratuity of the service and the impressive videos assures our clients a high quantity of web impressions based in the viral capacity of the social networks and, this way, a great visibility for the sponsor in those media.

Fully Customizable

We will develop a singular style depending on the event context. On Example, music stage for a music festival, a basket pitch for a basket event, etc. Making the experience interesting and playful for the user.

Viral Optimization

Reach a wide audience through a funny an interactive experience. The videos will be on user´s social media profile in less than an hour.

Dynamic Workflow

Our system provides a fast and reliable workflow which is capable to register, film and video upload up to 50 users per hour. In the cloud in minutes and ready to be shared in social media.